Jenin's journal (4 months)

Jenin's journal (4 months)

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I'm 13 weeks old and now I'm like a peach, does the peach have arms and long legs like me? This week, they drew my vocal cords, put my guts back in place, and my liver and pancreas started production. Mother doesn't complain as much as I did at this age, we're just resting because we're tired. Sometimes there was pain in the abdomen and in the right groin, the doctor said because it was my growth, the bonds that hold me as I grow up and make pain.

I'm 14 weeks old now, your mother doesn't have nausea, she doesn't feel tired, but this time she complains of constipation, we go to the bathroom all the time, and we eat fiber. The doctor gave me some medication, but first he told me to mix oatmeal + milk + sugar + corn flakes and eat, so that he could get rid of constipation. The painters make me breathe, teach me to say hello with my hands, and my heart beats in such a way; The doctor and the father can hear me from a machine. I also hear them because my ears have improved a lot, in my eyes tabi

I am 15 weeks old I have beautiful ears, hair, eyelashes, which fetus can be as beautiful as me, I am very beautiful. But I didn't get used to those feathers called lanugo, I said why did you draw them, don't worry, they said they would fall out when they were 26 weeks old. Then why did you draw, these painters are bothering me as they get bored, as soon as they finish their work and leave. They also laughed and said, ”This baby is angry,, so we know what will happen…

I was 16 weeks old and I heard your mother's voice caressing me and telling me how much you love it. Suddenly my heart started beating very fast, and now I'm going to call her mommy, because when she loved me, she said, ım My daughter will call me mommy ”, and she knows I'm a girl. How hard my bones, but still my skin is very thin, my veins seem to be enough to feed and I decided to suck on my finger, it is a very sweet thing… I almost forgot to say my height, I was 16 cm. 135 g. My mother was very busy, she forgot me again, she was going to see a doctor, her stomach was on fire, her nose was bleeding, I know why, the amount of blood in her veins increased, I heard her talking to painters. And my dad wants to see me, and he's going to see a doctor and my mom, they're gonna see me through a machine, and I'm gonna move for them.


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