Your 9-month-old: Week 4

Your 9-month-old: Week 4

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How your baby's growing

Your baby's personality is really emerging now. She may be very social, granting broad smiles to everyone she meets, or a little more shy, hiding her face when well-meaning strangers try to engage her. Your baby may charge ahead boldly or assess the situation carefully before going further. She might be even tempered or switch her moods quite dramatically.

She'll gesture for your attention and may wave goodbye when she sees you head for the door. She's also developing a mind of her own, which you may run up against when you try to put her in the car seat or stroller.

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Your life: Pick-me-ups

You don't need to make big plans to lift your spirit and feel refreshed. Here are some ideas for little things you can do to revive your energy and enthusiasm:

  • Practice a yoga pose. Remember to breathe deeply. If yoga's not for you, take 10 minutes to stretch while practicing long exhales and inhales.
  • Take a bath. Light some candles, play some music, and treat yourself to a sumptuous soak.
  • Escape through reading. Spending time with a good book or article can be a great distraction and will help keep your intellect revved as well.
  • Get a makeover. Even a mini-makeover will do. Treat yourself to a salon visit for a manicure, pedicure, or haircut.
  • Help someone out. It's surprising how good it can feel to do something small for someone else, like making cookies for a friend.
  • Take a walk. Getting outside can be a surefire mood booster. Take your baby in the stroller – and if you want, make your stroll a workout.

Learn about: Making mealtime easier

How can I get my baby to enjoy eating?

Make mealtime a good time. Allow your baby to express certain food preferences and dislikes. Don't insist that she finish or even sample everything – some quirks may be temporary anyway. Whenever possible, feed your baby in a highchair, away from distractions such as the TV. Give her lots of attention, and consider injecting a little fun into the meal with spoon-feeding sound effects. Or chatter about what finger foods she's chomping on and how many pieces are left on her tray.

Can my baby just have what the rest of the family is having?

Yes, provided you cut or mash the food into small, safe pieces and it isn't on the list of foods that can be unsafe for babies. Avoid giving her anything too hot, since it could burn her mouth. Babies can grow to love all sorts of flavors, and your little one will probably be very interested in the foods you eat simply because you're eating them!

Will eating out make things simpler or be more of a hassle?

It can certainly make things simpler – you don't have to prepare the food or clean up the mess your baby leaves. Many restaurants are geared toward families, with highchairs and toys at the ready. But some babies get so distracted and excited by the sights and sounds at a busy eatery that it's hard to get them to settle down and eat much. You'll have to experiment and see how your baby does.

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