7 special outfits for your baby girl's first holiday season

7 special outfits for your baby girl's first holiday season

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  • Becoming a parent can make the holidays feel brand new. And sharing the joy with your new baby, all decked out in an adorable and festive holiday outfit, is one of the best parts. If you love dressing up your little one as much as I do, here's a list of festive and fancy outfit ideas for you and your baby girl.

  • First Thanksgiving

    No one will even acknowledge the Thanksgiving dinner spread when they see your sweet little turkey decked out in this outfit. This set is stylish and fun.

    OKgirl Baby Girl My First Thanksgiving Set

  • First Hanukkah

    "Oy to the world!" Her first Hanukkah will be a bright and memorable one, and this outfit by Unique Baby is the perfect way to honor the holiday.

    Unique Baby First Hanukkah Layette Outfit

  • First Christmas

    This festive red and green, striped cotton jumpsuit has everything your squishy little elf will need to look her very best for Santa. This outfit doubles as pajamas and it's so adorable she'll get away with wearing it for other occasions beyond Christmas.

    Happy Cherry Cotton Elf Outfit with Hat

  • Outdoor activities

    Keep her warm and stylish as you head outdoors with this 100 percent organic cotton romper featuring trendy faux fur trim. The super soft knit outfit features a cable pattern and button closures. Layer clothes underneath and put on the hood for additional warmth. It's also available in soft white.

    Hope & Henry Layette Cable Sweater Romper

  • New Year’s Eve

    Your baby girl will be the belle of any ball in this timeless dress. Perfect for holiday photos and New Year’s Eve parties, it has a flared skirt with classic pleats and a velvet bow around the waist. The dress is available in an all-red version, and the collection includes a red plaid dress with cap sleeves. You can complete the look by adding a cardigan and tights.

    Hope & Henry Girls' Taffeta Holiday Party Dress

  • Santa Style

    I love traditional smocked dresses. Something about this classic style feels perfect for the holidays. This red corduroy dress brings me back my childhood. And you've gotta love the ruffled diaper cover.

    Good Lad Newborn/Infant Girls Red Corduroy Dress with Smocked Collar

  • Sister Dresses

    This adorable sweater dress is perfect for siblings who want to wear matching outfits. My sister and I loved to match our holiday outfits as kids (until she one day became “too cool” and wanted to stop). This organic cotton knit dress has a houndstooth pattern, decorative pockets, and a bow at the collar. Sizes range from 3-6 months to 18-24 months.

    Hope & Henry Girls' Bow Detail Sweater Dress

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