Halloween costumes toddlers (and parents) will love in 2019

Halloween costumes toddlers (and parents) will love in 2019

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  • Toddler Halloween costumes are special, because it’s essentially the last time you can either outright pick or strongly influence your child’s costume decision. So to help you choose carefully, rounded up some Halloween looks your toddler (and you!) are sure to love.

  • Family costumes make Halloween into a real event, at least, they do at my house. My son loves to see my husband and I dress up along with him, and the family theme makes for a great photo op for a holiday card. I call this my two-for-one!

    Again, this gets harder as your child gets older as not all costumes work with a group, so get it while you can. One year I dressed as Mary Poppins, my husband was Bert in all his chimney sweep glory, and our son was one of the dancing penguin waiters.

    Women's English Nanny Costume

    Forum Novelties Men's Chimney Sweep Costume

    Underwraps Baby's Penguin Belly-Babies

  • Your own pop culture will no longer be an option once your tot hits preschool, so soak it up while you can. After all, who hasn’t swooned over the site of an adorable kiddo dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things clutching an Eggo waffle?

    The options are as wide-ranging as your imagination and experiences. Last year my family dressed as Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince George, an inspiration that was sparked after a trip to the U.K.

    Mining past eras for Halloween inspiration is fun too, particularly if you remember the fashions from the first time around. Size-adjustable 80s costume accessories can be easily styled over dresses or pants if it's nippy out.

    Miayon Kids 1980s Costume Accessories

  • You could also give your toddler the look of cool '80s rappers like Run-DMC with a bucket hat, chain, and thick glasses.

    Beelittle 80s/90s Hip Hop Costume Kit

  • Or skew even older: no Halloween is ever complete for me without at least one appearance of a tiny Elvis, complete with microphone.

    Rubies Deluxe Elvis Child Costume, Toddler

    Rubie's Elvis Microphone

  • Toddlers love imitating animals, so animal costumes are a natural. And sometimes the best option for a toddler is anything that keeps them warm and comfortable. Luckily, there are many adorable options.

    We are living in a world of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood in my house these days, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. This sweet show built on classic PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is one toddler obsession I can get behind. And the Halloween costumes are absolutely adorable, particularly this comfortable take on Daniel...

    Daniel Tiger Toddler Costume

  • ...and this sweet take on Katerina Kittycat.

    Katerina Kittycat Deluxe Toddler Costume

  • And of course, 2019 wouldn't be complete without that ubiquitous ear worm beloved by toddlers everywhere. This baby shark Halloween costume comes complete with a sound chip that plays “Baby Shark” (in case you couldn’t get enough of it on YouTube).

    Rubie's Kid's Baby Shark Costume with Sound Chip

  • This year, in addition to the Mickeys, Minnies, and Donalds, expect to see a lot of costumes from recent movies like the latest in the Toy Story series and the recent Aladdin remake.

    This Jasmine costume is a favorite of mine because the pants are comfy for trick-or-treating.

    Jasmine Classic Costume for Toddler

  • And this Buzz Lightyear is perfect for toddlers because it's a soft one-piece that gives the look of Buzz without the bulky accessories that older kids don't mind, but toddlers usually don't like. Plus, it includes a safety light for nighttime so you can always spot your little space ranger.

    Disguise Costumes Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Costume

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