How does your child learn to do his / her own work in preschool?

How does your child learn to do his / her own work in preschool?

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Self-care skills (toilet training, cleaning and eating habits, etc.) are non-innate learning and acquired behaviors. Therefore, family and educators have important responsibilities in teaching behaviors. Especially in early childhood, it is very important to gain these habits to children otherwise children may encounter very big problems in their later life and they may experience emotional-social problems.

Gazi University Faculty of Vocational Education Department of Child Development and Education Asst. Assoc. Dr. Serap Demiriz and Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences Department of Preschool Teacher Assoc. Dr. Çağlayan Dinçer explains the situation in their articles titled m Examination of Self-Care Skills of 5-6 Year-Old Children in Terms of Gender and Preschool Education::

In the preschool period, which is the fastest development period, the basic knowledge and habits related to the self-care skills that will be gained to the child will enable him / her to grow up as a healthy individual and will prepare the ground for an independent, self-sufficient, compatible with the society and positive behaviors in the future life. At the beginning of this important period, it is very important that the child tries to gain good and correct habits. Therefore, family and preschool educators have great responsibilities in this matter.

What are self-care skills?

For children aged 36-48 months…

• Self-catering.
• Wears non-button and loose clothes without assistance.
• Distinguishes the front and back of the garments.
• Goes to the toilet independently when needed.
• Wipes his nose with a handkerchief.
• Collects your own belongings.

For children of 48-60 months…

• Helps comb hair.
• Buttonhole buttons on the garment.
• Hangs a suitable jacket or cardigan.
• Ties his shoes and makes a bow.
• Washes hands and face without help.
• He brushes his teeth.
• Complies with table rules.
• Appropriate use of food-related equipment.
• Helps with household chores such as setting up a table

For children aged 60-72 months…

• Takes responsibility and fulfills daily tasks.
• Walks along the road without help.
• Self-dressing, undressing.
• Buttons unlocks clothes.
• Ties his shoes.
• Combs hair.
• Self-catering.
• Uses food utensils as adults.
• Uses a knife.
• Carries food plates or serving tray.
• He brushes his teeth.
• He washes his hands and dries his face.
• Meets toilet needs on its own.
• Chooses clothes suitable for weather conditions.

What should you consider when developing self-care skills in your child?

• Try to be consistent
• provide opportunities for your child to do their own work
• Do not demoralize it for jobs it cannot do
• Do not deal with everything to help your child
• give him enough time to complete a task
• Do not threaten
• Make age-appropriate expectations

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