15 best worst tantrum stories

15 best worst tantrum stories

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I used to be one of those people who wanted to call CPS every time I saw a child throwing a tantrum in the snack aisle in Target. I thought, that poor child, what a horrible, mean mom (or dad). It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realized kids (especially toddlers) will feign outrage for totally absurd reasons.

Now I’m the mom dragging the screaming kid out of the snack aisle, praying no one recognizes me or calls CPS. Karma is a bitter pill to swallow.

Tantrums happen. The only good thing about them is sharing survivor stories with your mom friends after the fact. So while we’re talking about tantrums, here’s a recent episode involving my 2-year-old, Charlie.

Here is Charlie. He is obviously tired and losing his mind over something right before he is going down for a nap.

I am eventually able to pull out of him (through the wailing and body flailing) that he wants a kitty to nap with. Fine. I find a cat. I don’t like the cats in the house, but whatever.

But wait, he’s still crying. He is still mad. Why? Well, of course he doesn’t want the cat that actually likes him. Nope. He wants the one who hates all children in general.

Done. Sorry, cat. I’ll let you sleep on my husband’s pillow while he’s at work, as retribution.

Best worst tantrums

Surviving tantrums is a rite of passage for parents. Here are some epic tantrum tales shared by other moms (and dads):

Hank wouldn’t eat until he had four full-sized pizza slices on his tiny little kid plate. –Tyler

When my son was 3 we went into the grocery store and he didn't want to hold my hand. He started screaming and crying, “Help, please someone help me" over and over again. Good thing he looks exactly like me. – Natasha

My daughter cried hysterically for several minutes because we would not give her more ketchup – but her plate was filled with ketchup. – Danielle

My 1-year-old saw the empty Oreo package in the trash and had a meltdown because they were all gone. – Amanda

Every single time I put her in the car seat to pick her up from daycare, I think people think I’m kidnapping my own child. She’s almost 2. – Rebecca

Getting him in the car seat is like wrestling a sumo. – Ana

Lately, getting her in the car seat has been the biggest struggle. She’s 15 months and arches her back like a bridge, ha ha. – Dana

When my youngest child was 2 she had an epic tantrum because she handed me three shoes to put on her, but she only has two feet. – Ellie

My daughter lost it because I gave her a blue washcloth to dry her hands and not a white one. We don’t even own a white washcloth. – Dana

My 2-year-old likes throwing herself on the ground in parking lots. Nowhere else. Just parking lots. #momoftheyear. – Amanda

She was around 20 months or so and we were in Walmart. She was screaming, biting, slapping, and actually threw stuff out of the cart. I was stunned because she had never acted that way before. I was embarrassed until I realized it was past her nap and she was overly tired. Since then, we never shop at naptime. – Kristie Leigh

#reasonmykidiscrying: He didn’t get any rice on his plate. We didn’t make any rice. – Mary

My daughter was almost 3. We were at the grocery store and happened to walk by the alcohol. Thus ensued the biggest tantrum she’s ever had because I wouldn’t let her buy a bottle of merlot. – Sarah

Reason #386 that my preschooler is crying: I won't let her wear a tank top to the store in 38 degree weather! – Melissa

As I mentioned, facing a child’s senseless tantrum alone is embarrassing and exasperating. Together, it’s hilarity.

According to my calculations, there are about a dozen obvious reasons a toddler will have a meltdown at any given moment…and probably five dozen others that even he or she doesn’t understand. Will most moms go out of their way to prevent a tantrum, especially in public? Every. Single. Time.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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