After 1,000 submissions, these birth photos won a worldwide contest

After 1,000 submissions, these birth photos won a worldwide contest

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Nearly 1,000 birth photos from Uganda to Australia to Canada to Florida flooded into the 2018 Birth Becomes Her Birth Photography Contest. They documented the pain, glory and miracle of birth.

Judges from around the world and over 20,000 everyday people voted for the winners, and here they are! These stunning birth photos, which took home top honors in categories from the best postpartum image to the best breastfeeding shot, will stay with you long after you view them. I am honored to share some of my favorite contest winners.

This incredible, viral birth photo was the overall winner of the contest, and the people's choice winner, and it's easy to see why.

Marijke Thoen of Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie – Serving Lochristi, Belguim – “Stunning Siblings First Encounter”

I love this amazing action shot of a mom literally giving birth, which won in the birth category. I also adore the sweet name photographer Selena Rollason gave the image.

Selena Rollason of Brisbane Birth Photography – Serving Brisbane, AU – “Half Born and Already Reaching for Mama”

In second place in the birth category, is this clear-drape c-section action shot.

Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography – Serving Columbus, GA – “Fist Bump for Mom”

Here's the third place winner in the birth category. So many incredible birth photos; I'm not sure how people made their decisions.

Dominique Lamontagne of Dominique Lamontagne Photography – Serving Ottowa, Ontario – “Caught in Between Worlds”

This raw, and stunning image was one of the winners in the breastfeeding category.

Veronika Richardson of Fox Valley Birth and Baby – Serving Green Bay, WI – “Tranquility”

Loving this honest breastfeeding image winner!

Christina Benton – Serving Milwaukee, WI – “Stir Fry”

This image took second place in the postpartum birth image category. It's powerful; I know.

Lacey Barratt from Lacey Barratt Photography – Serving Melbourne, AU – “Rebirth”

This as-real-as-it-gets image from Uganda won third place in the labor category.

Laura Cate of Laura Cate Photography – Serving Kampala, Uganda – “Before the Cut”

Last but not least, is this stunner of a maternity image that shows the ethereal beauty of a woman's pregnant body.

Melissa Benzel of Benzel Photography – Serving Orlando, Florida – “Staying Afloat”

See all the birth photos that won here.

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