Bed-wetting: Tips and advice from a former bed-wetter

Bed-wetting: Tips and advice from a former bed-wetter

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To get a kid's perspective on bed-wetting, we talked to a 12-year-old boy who only recently stopped wetting the bed. He shares his experience and offers reassuring advice to both parents and kids who are dealing with bed-wetting.

How did you feel about bed-wetting when you were going through it?

I felt embarrassed and self-conscious because it made me feel different from other kids. I thought I shouldn't be wetting the bed because I was older.

How do you feel about bed-wetting now?

Looking back on it, it doesn't seem that bad because it's not like I was going around telling people about it. It was private. And now I know for sure that no matter what your age is, you'll eventually get over it.

What helped you cope with bed-wetting?

My parents kept telling me that I wasn't strange or different and that it was okay for me to have this problem. They told me I'd eventually get over it, and that helped me feel a little less self-conscious. It helped that they never made a big deal out of it and just kept telling me I was normal.

If you could tell your 10-year-old self something about bed-wetting, what would you say?

I know it's strange and weird to still be wetting your bed, but you're going to get over it, and it's going to be fine. It'll end eventually. You don't have to feel self-conscious because you're not the only one.

What's your advice for parents, and what message should they send their kids?

I'd reassure parents and encourage them to send their child the message: It's not uncommon. You're normal. You're not going to have this problem forever.

What tips do you have for kids?

At sleepovers, go in the bathroom and change into your [training pants or disposable underwear] and pajamas in private. If a kid sees and makes fun of you, don't react and don't show that you're bothered. Say, "This isn't uncommon. It happens to a lot of kids, and I just happen to be one of them." And then just let it go and don't worry about what other kids are saying. It's strange right now, but then it'll be over and you'll realize it wasn't that big a deal.

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