Tips to facilitate the flow of breast milk

Tips to facilitate the flow of breast milk

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Dear mothers, today I will share with you tips that will facilitate the flow of breast milk. Together we will stop the thought of üm Isn't my milk enough for my baby?…

The first six months of the babyphysiological and psychosocial needs aloneBreastfeeding, which meets perfectly, plays an important role in establishing the bond between mother and baby.

Breastfeeding alone for the first six months, breastfeeding with additional nutrients after the sixth month continues and breastfeeding continued until the end of two yearsprovides numerous benefits to the baby.

The benefits of breastfeeding are not only limited to breastfeeding, but also have a significant positive impact on advanced health. Breastfeeding is a miracle not only for the baby but also for the mother

All of our mothers are now aware of the benefits of the miracle of breast milk, both for the baby and for itself, and are striving to give her a drop of more breast milk.

In order to support you, we will talk about what you can do today to make breast milk flow more easily and increase.

Tips to facilitate the flow of breast milk

Responsible for the release of milk during lactation oxytocin hormone, it is directly affected by the mother's psychology, stress and negative thoughts.

It is very important for the mother to be calm, not to get negative thoughts and to be stress-free during breastfeeding. Even if the mother thinks that her milk is not enough for her baby, it will affect the release of milk.

Therefore, the first way to make breast milk flow more easily Believe in milk and self-confidence.

Back massage technique is another way to facilitate the release of breast milk and easier flow. You can apply the massage from your partner and close support.

Having your baby with you while you are massaging, hearing the smell, smelling the tiny socks will stimulate the oxytocin reflex more.

As shown in the image, the massage should be done with small movements up and down the back with circles with fingers.

You can apply for 15-20 minutes with help from your partner or close

This massage will make it easier for your milk to flow more easily and will calm and relax you.

We talked about tips to facilitate the release of breast milk. How can we increase our milk? There are 3 easy ways to increase breast milk.

  1. Breastfeeding your baby
  2. Believing in milk, self-confidence
  3. Consume plenty of water and eat good quality

If you want to know more “How Does Breast Milk Increase? ” You can watch our video.

Finally, dear mothers, close your eyes and imagine your milk flowing like a waterfall…

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