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All Details About Baby Bottle Rotten!

All Details About Baby Bottle Rotten!

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Tooth decay is often found in infants and very young children baby bottle decay is called. This condition, commonly seen at an early age, is an infectious disease caused by malnutrition.

In order to prevent the development of dental caries in preschool children, parents should recognize this insidious disease, obtain as much information as possible and, if necessary, consult a specialist. deterioration of the health of the child It must be prevented.

How Does Bottle Caries Occur in Infants?

There are many factors that can cause caries. One of the reasons is that the baby's teeth are exposed to sugary drinks for a long time. Many parents give a bottle to calm their children and let them fall asleep.

Bacteria form in the mouth of your child during the night, as the food they contain contains sugar. During sleep teeth cannot be cleaned because saliva is reduced Because the enamel layer that protects children's milk teeth is very weak, if the care is not done correctly by the parent, the decay spreads rapidly.

Another factor in the formation of baby bottle caries is the transmission of acid-producing bacteria into the baby's mouth. Parents or carers to babies they test the food in the spoon or glass to taste or heat before cooking.

On this occasion, the bacteria in these people pass through the saliva to the babies.

There are also several factors that cause early caries development. Smoking or excessive use of various drugs during pregnancy are only a few of these factors.

How is Baby Bottle Caries Prevented?

To prevent bottle decay in young children, you can follow these steps:

  • You should ensure that your child does not sleep with a bottle, milk or juice.
  • To prevent decay or to make early diagnosis of your baby from the age of 1 pedodontist You have to take.
  • If your child is under 2 years of age, rub your baby's teeth and gums with a cloth moistened with sterile water after feeding at night and then apply salt. Salt, sodium chloride contains oral and dental health has an effective role in protection.
  • If you use a bottle while feeding your baby, avoid giving sweetened liquids such as honey, molasses, sugared foods or syrup. This is a bad habit for your baby.
  • After the end of feeding drinking water Provide.

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  • Brush your child's teeth twice a day without paste. If you prefer to use toothpaste, prefer fluoride-free products. (Fluoride can be dangerous to children if swallowed.)
  • Dentists recommend that children pass into the glass from the age of 1. Drinking from the cup makes the liquid less likely to accumulate around the tooth.
  • Limit the sweet or sticky foods your child eats, such as candy, gum, cookies, cookies.
  • As much as possible in the meals, carbohydrate-weighted foods instead of fiber; so vegetables, fruits or nuts foods should be preferred.

What are the symptoms of baby bottle decay?

Feeding the child early in the bottle does not harm the teeth; however, bruising may occur if it persists for a long time.

Caries is an infectious process that causes a slow and gradual deterioration of the tooth. Signs and symptoms vary according to their size and location. Caries that show no symptoms at the beginning, reach the lower layers when the damage progresses and cause pain.

At first the pain was only hot, cold, contact with sweet or acidic foods and beverages felt. However, pain may occur even after a simple chew.

Although dental caries occur most frequently in the anterior (upper incisors) in infants, other teeth may also be affected. Generally white stain or brown stain as they occur.

As the decay progresses, it can cause the teeth to decompose and become almost completely destroyed. Due to the anatomical structure of young children, tooth structures are thin and have internal tissue.

This results in a deeper and faster spread of deciduous caries. Parents should therefore pay particular attention to such complaints. So they can take the necessary measures in time.

It should be noted that these bruises can be prevented completely in the first stage of development of the tiny ones. According to the advice of pediatric dentists, parents should have their children examined at least once every six months, starting from the age of one.

In this way, the child's development and control prevent baby bruises timely It is possible.

Don't Simplify the Importance of Milk Teeth!

You may know that milk teeth are not permanent and therefore you don't care. However, these teeth are necessary for them to eat, communicate with people and smile at a certain age!

They also serve as grippers by directing new teeth to grow in the correct position.

Untreated milk tooth decay will cause pain during the day or at night night's sleep will prevent it from receiving.

This can result in a negative impact on your child's development, such as malnutrition.

Baby bottle decay:

  • Bad smell in the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing while eating
  • Malnutrition
  • Speech disorder
  • It leads to an ugly image in the mouth.

Dental disorders that are not treated by a pedodontist at an early age can cause distortions in the subsequent teeth, impaired jaw development and other health problems.

Therefore, it should not be delayed with the mistake of “somehow replacing other teeth”.

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May Affect Your Child's Mental Health!

Milk teeth provide an aesthetic appearance in children as in adults. Even though children are thought to not care about aesthetic appearance, children who have caries or who have to go through caries because they have progressed do not want to be in dialogue with the people around them by keeping their mouths closed.

They may not even share their happiness and shy away from laughter. This can cause them to be insecure and disrupt their psychology.

Bring your child the habit of brushing teeth!

Children's mouth cleaning should be started from the time the first milk tooth starts to come out.

Because children cannot brush invisible places while brushing their teeth, they can only reach places that are easily accessible and visible.

It is important to give your child the habit of oral health care from an early age. As your baby ages and your teeth grow, you can begin to gently brush new teeth that come out with a soft child brush. But to be used pea size of the amount of paste should be careful.

Most toothpastes are full of harmful ingredients. Therefore, we recommend that you use completely natural pastes for your mini. Because children love the taste of toothpaste and can swallow while brushing.

With the right care baby bottle decay You can ensure that your child has healthy teeth that he will smile with confidence for a long time. Keep in mind that healthy milk teeth can lead to healthy permanent teeth!

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