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The Impact of Teachers on Children

The Impact of Teachers on Children

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The Impact of Teachers on Children

When we take a journey back to the old times in our minds and remember our childhood, the first memories that come to our minds will be our school times.

Because school times, the games we played and the friendships we experienced during that period affected us all our lives. However, childhood has such a leg that it is strong enough to change and develop not only an individual but an entire society.

The effect of teachers on children is the most powerful butterfly effect in a society.

Impact of Schools and Teachers on Children

The school is not just an institution that goes for acquiring academic knowledge such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, English or laying the foundations of a profession, but a small simulation that allows children to prepare for real life.

From the preschool period, the school affects the life and personality of individuals of all ages. The positive aspect of this effect results from the intersection of multiple factors that the school offers to the individual:

  • The physical conditions and facilities of the school are of course good. affecting education quality is one of the important factors. However, a teacher can shed light on the future of the children by making efforts to ensure that the children receive a good education even when the facilities are insufficient.
  • The education program offered to the child is appropriate for the age and developmental characteristics of the child. successful individuals will contribute. However, an educational program can be brought to a level that will appeal to every child, and the subjects can be presented in a way that can respond to the interests and needs of children.
  • Of course, the teacher's influence on the child is related to his human emotions, character traits and academic equipment as an individual.

Many factors, from tone of voice to facial expressions, style of speech, style of clothing, academic knowledge and feelings towards children, will have an impact on the child, child development and the characters shaping the will contribute.

How does an Effective Teacher Contribute to the Multifaceted Development of a Child?

"Teachers; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk expressed how important the teacher is for the individual and the society.

As you can see from this sentence effective teacher, can shape the formation of individuals, then society.

Children spend most of the day at school. This means that they spend more time with family and friends than with family members.

Therefore student-teacher relationship leads to multidimensional development and change in children.

Emotional-Social Development

Education starts in the family. The child learns most of the basic information from his parents. However, the home environment is not enough to experience, develop and reinforce these skills.

The school is a unique environment for emotional and social development and character formation. Children should be guided by their teachers, to be fair during their relationship with friends, individual differences respect, be honest Learns.

An effective teacher develops a sense of conscience in children and thus brings virtuous individuals to society.

Cognitive Development

Children learn their first words, lines, mathematical calculations from their parents during infancy. But no matter how much family members teach, process information and use the right method they may have trouble.

Effective teacher teaches the child to learn. Improves the child's ability to process information, generalize what is learned in other areas and solve problem.

In this way, the child can develop solution-oriented alternative methods in the face of the problem both in academic and social life.

This feature is a golden key that an individual receives from his / her teacher in order to be successful and happy throughout his / her life.

Motor Development

The school is not an environment where only positive sciences such as mathematics, Turkish and science are learned. The school should be life itself, not preparation for real life. With proper guidance, the teacher should create opportunities for children to throw away their inexhaustible energies.

Teacher, children according to their interests and abilities different sports and the activity directing them to stop their unstoppable energy on the table tops, cupboard tops or fighting with friends.

Volleyball, basketball, football, dance, gymnastics etc. sports areas will be one of the best alternatives for the child to express himself / herself and support motor development.

Teacher-Student Relationship varies according to age ranges

The first condition for the child to make the most of the education process is directly proportional to his positive attitude towards the school. Developing a positive attitude is a strong teacher-student relationship starts with.

The child is not an authority of the teacher in the period; he should see himself as a guide that he can open up and be like himself without acting. However, the relationship between students and teachers varies according to different age ranges:

Preschool Term

This is the period in which the teacher's influence on the child is the strongest. In this period, what the teacher says before his parents comes.

The teacher is the person who knows absolutely everything and needs to be listened to.

The mother of the child who tries to put her child to sleep early every evening and fails somehow, who runs to bed early one evening. “My teacher said I had to sleep early”Should not be surprised to hear the sentence.

The little ones in the preschool period take examples of everything their teachers do from eating to speaking, from behaviors to mimics and show similar behaviors.

Secondary School Term

In this period between adolescence and childhood, the teacher-student relationship is still very strong. While children continue to follow the teacher's behaviors, they also want to benefit from their academic background.

When the teacher provides good guidance to children who are hungry for learning, they successful in social relations and to be happy They will learn.


This is a challenging period for both children and parents. In this period, the teacher effect is less than the previous periods.

For adolescents, their peers are more models than adults. Therefore, it is very important that they establish healthy friendship relationships. The friendship relations established during this period will affect the character formation and future plans of the youth.

In order for this period to be healthy, teacher-student-parent-school should work in a solid cooperation and create an education environment in which the child feels safe.

The teacher becomes a role model for the child at any age. The effect of teachers on children is so strong; just because we love our teacher, we may decide to become a teacher in the future.

If we have made the principle of life to be honest, conscientious, love people, protect nature and even become good parents, the influence of our kind hearted teachers cannot be denied.

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