Products You Need While Breastfeeding

Products You Need While Breastfeeding

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Products You Need While Breastfeeding

You start dreaming from the first moment you learn your pregnancy. You'il think about the room you're going to prepare her, the clothes you'il buy. However, in the near-birth process, work becomes a bit more complicated. You will notice that there are dozens more products to buy.

Taking a significant portion of them before birth will make you feel very comfortable. Because after birth you may not have time to go shopping to meet such needs.

You may also need some of them immediately after birth. Especially products you need while breastfeeding must be on your shopping list. So, do you know what these products are?

Nipple Cream:

A fresh mother's bedside cream nipple cream. Because one of the biggest fears of breastfeeding women nipple cracks. The breasts, which become sensitive from the first weeks of pregnancy, prepare themselves to feed your baby during pregnancy.

If you hold your baby and start breastfeeding it, it is inevitable that the cracks, especially caused by the wrong holding position, are inevitable. In addition, moisture will also be lost in the nipples with suction. Thanks to these creams, which do not even need to be wiped before breastfeeding, you can prevent crack formation, and you can spend this great period more healthy.

Lanolin nipple cream can help you in this period.

Correct breastfeeding position;

Breast Pad:

While breastfeeding is a form of nutrition that strengthens the bond between the mother and the baby and contributes greatly to the development of the baby, it can sometimes create problems for the mother. One of these problems is the flow of the chest.

Fortunately, this problem is quite easy to solve. With super absorbent properties chest pads it absorbs the flowing milk and saves the mother from the feeling of wetness. It also prevents irritation from clothing without preventing the chest from breathing.

Click to access the breast pad.

Breast Protector:

Sometimes you may be late in breast care or whatever you do, you may still not get rid of nipple wounds. At this point, it is a life saving product nipple protectors.

Thanks to these thin, paper-like preservatives you can breastfeed your baby without suffering. Likewise, your milk does not contaminate your clothes and also collects the flowing milk into the hopper. So your precious breastmilk doesn't waste.

Click to access the chest protector.

Nipple Remover:

It is a product that the mothers with the nipple protrusion inside will need. In case of flattening nipple, the baby cannot suck the mother. At this point nipple remover The nipple can be removed by using the baby to grasp the breast.

Click to access the nipple remover.

Breastfeeding Apron:

You cannot always breastfeed your baby alone; because after a while you will return to your social life. However, it will be very tiring and uncomfortable to look for a suitable environment for each breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding apron Thanks to this, you can feed your baby without getting up and protecting your privacy.

Click to access the breastfeeding gown.

Breastfeeding Cushion:

After your baby is born, almost all of your time will be spent with it. Your baby will often get hungry and want to suck. Keeping him in a breastfeeding position on your lap will be both exhausting and uncomfortable.

Breastfeeding mat and the cushions ensure that you get the right sucking position more comfortably and that your baby feeds more comfortably.

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Milk Pump:

You may have to return to work soon after your baby is born. In this case, of course you will not stop breastfeeding.

Thanks to the milk pumps, you can express your milk in a suitable environment at home or in the workplace and store it in suitable conditions and then give it to your baby. Likewise, these pumps will prevent the accumulation of milk in the breasts. Excess milk in the breast helps to increase milk by preventing clogging of the milk channels.

Thus, the milk pump will be a need not only for working mothers, but for all mothers.

Click here to access the milk pumps.

Milk Storage Bag and Container:

You milked your milk, so how do you keep it? Milk storage bag Thanks to its containers, it is possible to store breast milk in an air-proof and healthy way. Thanks to the indicator that allows you to measure the amount of milk inside, you do not waste milk.

These sterilized sachets help maintain milk freshness for a long time. Replacement bag storage containers we can choose. These containers with strong lids will help you to keep your baby's milk and food fresh for a long time.

Click to access the milk storage bag and container.

Breastfeeding Mother Drinks:

Many mothers complain that their milk is low. However, there are many ways to increase milk.

One of them milk enhancer drinks to consume. Thanks to these beverages, which are composed of natural extracts and contain the vitamins and minerals that the breastfeeding mother will need, more rich content of breast milk is produced. So your baby will be better fed.

Click to reach the nursing mother drinks.

If you want to feed your baby smoothly with your milk products you need while breastfeeding You need to know what are the best. Thus, you can spend this beautiful period without any problems, you can communicate with your baby much better.


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