Surprising features of 1 year old children

Surprising features of 1 year old children

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Don't panic now! Nothing unusual happens. The child of this age begins to recognize the world around him. One of the methods he chooses to try to get to know is to do the same thing over and over again. These situations can confuse the parents. Of course, we won't leave you in the dark with so much information. We asked the experts to solve the 4 biggest 1 age cannabis.EXAMPLE 1Your 1-year-old child has been holding the same book for two weeks, yelling, oku Read again! Ğinde when you finish reading.Information: Just like having your favorite books or songs, your child is starting to create his own preferences. He will become increasingly “vocal konusunda about what he likes and dislikes. On the other hand, these repetitions also serve a greater purpose. The child begins to understand that there are things he can trust, and therefore feels safe. Listening to the same story over and over again helps him understand that there is order in the world and that he can control this order a bit. Repetitions also allow the child to develop certain abilities. Reading the book us Good Night Aydede e may sound tedious, but your child learns new words, understands and memorizes what is happening. As soon as he feels he has taken everything he can from the book, his interest will shift to something new.EXAMPLE 2Your 15-month-old wants a hug, but as soon as he grabs it, he starts struggling to come down.Information: Now that your child can move by himself, he has experienced a bit of independence. He likes to wander around on his own with this new freedom. But moving away from the mother or father is a bit scary. Mother and father are like the child's security center. Therefore, it is not unusual for toddlers to come back and contact them again. Once your child feels safe again, he will be ready to go down to rediscover. Especially in foreign environments, for example in a friend's house, you can better monitor their commute between exploring the new environment and the need to be close to you in a foreign place. EXAMPLE 3As soon as you turn around, your child hits your computer keyboard. Even when the monitor is turned off.Information: If you hadn't been interested in your computer, your child probably wouldn't have. But toddlers will get clues from you; When you kill time in front of the computer every day to look at your e-mail and get a recipe, your curious 1 year old child wonders what's so attractive on the computer. For example, pretending to be a mother or father by trying your sunglasses or holding your mobile phone to your ear makes your child feel closer to you. He is also happy to receive positive feedback from you. But he's not the only reason he's emulating you. Imitation is an early form of learning. By imitating others, the child develops sensitive motor and cognitive abilities and tries to solve the functioning of life.EXAMPLE 4Recently, your 18-month-old wants to do everything with his father, and you feel excluded.Information: Of course, it's hard not to be overlooked that your child doesn't make you a man. It has nothing to do with you at all. Children of that age cannot realize that they have hurt your feelings or excluded you. They are only focused on their needs. Sharing things with the father sometimes meets a certain need. At about 12 months of age, children begin to realize that they receive different things from their parents. As the mother becomes more nurturing and calming, the father often becomes more of a playmate. Therefore, your child may want the noisy and fun form of brushing his father's teeth. or there is a simple reason like wanting to spend separate time with your partner because you are at work all day. Whatever the reason, you can easily reassure yourself by remembering that you will shout yine Mommy, Mommy! Sonra again.Play time Toddlers love predictable things, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't change anything. Try the following fun ways of evaluating the most beautiful period.• Interact: When your child wants to listen to the song Baba Ali Baba'nın Çiftliği tekrar over and over again, don't stop by pressing the play button, you join. For example, at the right time, make the right animal sounds together. Or, once again, when you read the same story, ask your child about the story going on.• Help me: When your child is the most copycat, buy the toys of your own camera. Allow the spoon or toothbrush to use itself. He may not be able to handle it fully, but in this way he has the opportunity to practice and improve his precision motor capabilities.• Make you laugh: Toddlers love the surprises they anticipate. Play fun and simple games like et Follow your leader tekrar over and over again.

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