Your baby's character begins to develop in the womb

Your baby's character begins to develop in the womb

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Let's look at what the character is. A character is a set of features that distinguishes a person from others. It is characteristic that your child gets angry quickly, is friendly and social. Not all children have the same characteristics. The two brothers who grow up in the same family have many different characteristics. Even twins are not identical to each other.
Basic factors of character formation Although there is an effect of the mother and father on the formation of the genetic character, the mother is directly effective on the formation of the psychological character. Exp. Dr. Kenan Taştan says, “Psychological character is a second character built on the genetic character depending on the joys, anger and sadness of the mother. Psik The psychology of the embryo in the womb is the same as the psychology of a mother during pregnancy. As it is known, the unborn baby feels when the mother is upset and happy. Because every time the mother secretes the hormone of the emotion and the baby feels it.
Genetic or psychological character is not the only factor in your child's characteristics. Character development begins in the womb; but it would be completed at age 6. Until this time, new behaviors can be added or some behaviors can be abandoned.
Why do children misbehave?Children do wrong behavior without knowing whether it is right or wrong. Children do not know that they are doing something wrong; but they do. Sometimes they behave badly just because they want friends. Children do not know which is the right behavior and which is the wrong behavior, they do what they want, the effects of some situations such as anger and impulsive factors, they do wrong behaviors.
Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education Department of Educational Sciences Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department Assoc. Dr. Halil Ekşi said, çaba Efforts should be made for the emergence and development of some 'good qualities' that exist in human nature. However, it should be remembered that it takes time to direct the innate characteristics of our children to good and to create moral values. Children should be given basic values ​​such as honesty, respect for others and responsibility. As we grow, we must focus on patience, justice and restraint. ”A few tiny suggestions for families• Make eye contact at the same level as you laugh when communicating with your child • Make sensual contact with your child. • Give equal love. • If you want to give your child responsibility, ask them to do little tasks. • Create an environment in which your child can express his / her thoughts freely for self-esteem • Become a model of your child. Show good behavior at home • Plan family activities. Also value your child's ideas in this planning process. • Do not exhibit bad habits with your child • Participate in various social responsibility activities with your child. Teach your child that there are people in need and that they should be helped. Discuss the behavior of the characters in the book: • Tell your child the people you care about in your life and what qualities you care about. Then allow your child to tell his or her heroes: • Let your child solve daily problems alone. Infuse courage.Compiled by: Ege EBCİN
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