Sexual Reluctance of Men During Pregnancy

Sexual Reluctance of Men During Pregnancy

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sexual reluctance during this period because of all kinds of concerns
viable. The presence of a baby, even in the very early stages of pregnancy,
it can create the connotation that you are not alone in sexual intercourse. That's why
With the thought of the presence of a third individual, your husband's sexual desires may be reduced.

from the first moment of news
The identity of being a ir parent ir also manifests itself in sexual terms. A lot of people
most of the time, the idea that their parents may have sexual lives
he cannot accept it and does not even want to think of it. Mother and father
from the moment you take your identities and start living,
sexuality inevitably begins to change size and your child
beyond the sexual experience itself
it would even be uncomfortable to think. How your husband feels about you
The most important factor that reduces sexual desire, sexual intercourse, especially the penis
is the thought that the trauma it will create on your womb will harm your baby.
For this reason, sexual intercourse attempts, often your partner is worried and
it becomes unpleasant with an overly controlled attitude. Having sex during pregnancy
need and the physical structure you live in.
that your partner is no longer attracted to you due to changes,
fulfillment rather than a sexy, pleasurable sharing
into a task you need. And your husband is proving you still attractive.
You may feel as if you have to have sex with you.

in this case, how will you overcome the problem? If you or your partner
sexual desire is increased and the other one is decreased; then this
problems are very likely to occur. Against with sexual reluctance
of a couple, these feelings and thoughts with each other
is the most important key to solve their problems. Sex is not necessarily
does not have to result in sexual intercourse. Touching, hugging, caressing
and love words are also necessary and can solve your problems

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