Normal Birth And Cesarean Section

Normal Birth And Cesarean Section

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers are most concerned about, undecided and worried about the type of birth. Pregnant mothers are undecided about which type of birth they should choose from the beginning of the pregnancy until the time of birth and they can change their minds. The most important factors that affect people when deciding on the type of birth are family, friends' circle, and the opinions of their doctors.

Birth can be done in two different ways. Normal vaginal delivery method and the mother's belly is cut and the baby is removed cesarean method.Normal delivery The method is natural and is healthier for the mother and the baby. Cesarean section it is the preferred and preferred mode of delivery in order to avoid any risk in cases where normal birth is considered unfavorable for the mother or the baby.

Normal delivery and cesarean delivery have their advantages and disadvantages. It is wrong to make a generalization for these advantages and disadvantages. Because it is necessary to make a decision by considering the situation of each mother and baby. It is best to decide the way of delivery with your doctor who follows you and recognizes you on a regular basis. Recently, very high increases have been observed in cesarean delivery in the world and also in our country. In our country, practices and trainings are carried out to encourage vaginal delivery which is normal and healthier method for mother and baby.

Normal delivery There are some benefits to the mother and the baby. Infants born with normal birth are thought to have a stronger respiratory and immune system with the effects of passing through the birth canal. In addition, hormones that help prepare the baby for the environment during normal birth are secreted. Infants born with vaginal delivery have higher breast-sucking behavior. After normal birth, the mother can recover easily and return to her daily life as a body. At the same time, mothers are discharged and recovered sooner than the hospital. Normally, the vaginal birth mother's pain is very low compared to the person who delivered by cesarean section. The mother who has a cesarean section has a very low chance of giving birth to her later babies with normal birth.

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