Gynecological examination during pregnancy

Gynecological examination during pregnancy

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Roof Inspection

examination, in the last weeks of pregnancy, the roof of the expectant mother
bones, the birth path is evaluated. This
together with the examination, before the birth of your
the possibility of realization. Delivery by cesarean section
a patient does not need this examination.

How To?

Your gynecological examination is the same as it is. Doctor Two
With the help of his finger, he checks the condition of the roof bones.

This examination
It is not painful. Bleeding does not usually occur in most women. Just a little
Do not worry if you have bleeding, this situation does not harm the benefit

application, the position of the baby's posture and the size of the birth
have an idea about. If the baby is large and the roof is narrow, the mother
caesarean section will be recommended as this will make the candidate difficult.

Doppler Ultrasound Examination

examination is not a problem for the baby and pregnancy. During pregnancy,
risk of anomaly, pregnancy poisoning, heart rhythm disorder during pregnancy.

Types of Gynecological Examination

It takes place in 3 stages.

Step; doctor examines the external genitalia. Any redness and
swelling conditions can be recognized in this way. By the way, Abdomen
before surgery.

The stage is also called ulum Speculum Examination.. Speculum, intervening in the vagina
is a metal or plastic tool used for. Speculum gently into the vagina
Placed. This will not cause pain. If a pain occurs,
for boredom. So make it quite comfortable. With speculum
if there is an abnormal condition in the vagina.

with the cervix at the same time.
Is the time. A small brush for this test
With the help of the inside sample is taken. The sample is applied to the glass and sprayed
and then sent to pathology. Painless
Even though the procedure is small, minor bleeding may occur after testing.

the step is also manual intervention. With this review, the size of the uterus and the presence of the mass

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