Healthy pregnancy recommendations

Healthy pregnancy recommendations

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the subject of each individual at every moment during pregnancy for your peace of mind
important issue. Your peace and
your health will also be reflected on your baby. Having a healthy pregnancy
so it is the most important.

For a healthy pregnancy
What are the recommendations?

If you want a healthy pregnancy as a
element is to take care of your diet. Take care to eat as often but as little as possible
You must show. You should avoid heavy meals. Your food is good
You should cook. To consume green vegetables and a few walnuts during the day

and protein-rich foods. For example; citrus and
consumption of green vegetables will strengthen your immunity, you
Be able to protect.

necessarily add fish to your diet during the period. When you consume fish twice a week
Omega3 oil required for

Herbal teas are essential for a healthy pregnancy.
From herbalists, you will naturally take and consume; apple, lemon, linden, tea and so on.
teas will protect you from infections, as well as many benefits
It will provide.

Another issue that can be proposed in terms of; oily, too salty and sugary,
carbohydrate foods will not consume more. This kind of food, baby
can not be healthy for mothers as blood pressure, blood sugar, such as

Another important point to spend a healthy pregnancy period;
it is definitely not breathing dirty air. Polluted air into your lungs and throat
your infection will increase to the highest level. This is a negative situation for your baby
Can. Dirty air breathing is also allergic to mothers
reactions. Crowded to protect from this dirty air
environment. Upper respiratory tract, influenza, especially in winter
You should not breathe dirty air against infections such as this, indoors,
public transport etc. environments.

In addition to all of this, take care to exercise. These exercises
will control your calorie. Especially during the day
approximately 35 minute walk will benefit you during this period.

Pregnancy can be a nice but difficult process. So plenty of rest
care, take care of yourself. Any complaints
without losing time in the case of
remember to keep it in the background.


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