Safety measures for young children at home

Safety measures for young children at home

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When young children run around in the house and discover new things every day, undesirable accidents can sometimes happen and these can have unpredictable consequences. But don't worry, you can take small but very useful measures to prevent such accidents in the house and protect your child from these accidents.

The security measures we have collected under three main headings are as follows:

Safety precautions in the kitchen:

-be sure to keep materials such as kibrits and lighters out of reach
- take care to lock the lockers (especially keep the lockers with cleaning materials always locked)
- Eliminate the small magnet trims on the fridge, this kind of thing catches the attention of children easily, children can attempt to swallow while playing with them
- Place glass containers and bottles in the refrigerator on top shelves out of the reach of children.
- Be careful not to leave hot pots or pots on the oven, but in case you need to keep them on the back of the stove instead of using the front stove.
- Always keep the lockers and drawers where you keep materials such as forks, knives, spoons, scissors locked or keep them out of the reach of children.
- place cables out of the reach of children, such as oven or dishwasher
- Do not keep the containers with hot drinks (teapot, coffee pot, hot milk pot ında) on the table edge, it may accidentally tip over and come onto your child
- never carry hot containers over your child
- Keep plastic bags out of reach
- make sure that there is a lock on the kitchen door, especially in the absence of anyone, lock the door to prevent children from entering.

Safety precautions in the bedroom:

-Insert the bed in the cot where the child sleeps, make sure that the bed does not move inside the cot.
- make sure that the grills on the sides of the cot are not too large, because children like to play with their heads between these grids.
- do not place the child's bed near or under the window, make sure that the windows are closed and locked if you have no other choice
- keep the night light and other items of cables out of reach
- never lock your child in the room

Safety precautions in the bathroom:

- Always check the temperature of the water before taking your child to the bathtub
- never leave your child alone in the bathroom, even for a very short time !!!
- Keep cupboards with detergent and other cleaning materials locked
- keep the cables of the water heater or other heaters out of the reach of children
- Keep cupboards with products such as perfumes, make-up items always locked

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