Problems that may arise during pregnancy

Problems that may arise during pregnancy

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Normally, a healthy developing and progressing pregnancy is in fact not very troubled periods ... But sometimes at a low rate, although some problems can be experienced. If you need to evaluate them roughly; early hemorrhage, which is very common during the first days of pregnancy and is usually related to the placement of pregnancy into the uterus. These hemorrhages occur in small amounts and many of them disappear without requiring medication. However, if these bleeds cannot be controlled, they constitute serious threats of miscarriage.

In the following days, nausea is observed with the effect of hormones that maintain the pregnancy during the first 12 weeks. Although it is considered as insignificant in some mothers, it may cause serious problems, weight loss, malnutrition and electrolytic imbalance in some patients.

In the second trimester, there may be irregularities in blood sugar levels due to nutritional habits and insulin resistance due to pregnancy. 24-26. The situation can be detected by sugar loading tests between weeks and can be controlled with the help of diet. Sometimes good control cannot be achieved, so insulin use is necessary.

It is possible to observe joint pain, body deformities, and changes in blood pressure due to excessive salt consumption as a result of exceeding the ideal 10-12 kilos recommended for singleton pregnancies. In addition to this, overweight gain, as well as abdominal stretch marks and skin changes may cause distress for the patient.

Bleeding seen in the first period of pregnancy can be seen in the weeks of pregnancy due to different reasons. In this period, premature birth threat and placental location anomalies should be kept in mind.

If any of the aforementioned abnormal conditions are followed, contact with the following physician should be made before stress is experienced and detailed information about the course of the event should be obtained. Otherwise, the senses received from the environment, the reading of unknown origin and the accuracy value of the patient's minds under the light of controversial internet information is seriously confused.

Women's Health Specialist from Anadolu Health Center Nuri Ceydeli,

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