Keep your eyes in your baby's eyes

Keep your eyes in your baby's eyes

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Retinopathy of prematurityPremature infants, as a result of the development of retinal vessels until birth, resulting in premature retinopathy that can result in loss of vision if not treated. Dr. Dr. Solmaz Balcı Akar, “Prematurity retinopathy cannot be detected by the family in the initial period. The condition can only be detected and treated during routine eye examinations which must be performed in premature babies. When families see that the pupil is white and apply to a doctor, the chance of treatment is very low. ”Tear duct obstructionOne of the most common conditions seen in newborns is the tear duct obstruction due to inability to open the tear duct during delivery. This is seen in 20 percent of babies all day long is manifested by tears in the eye. The canal opens in a few months with the use of the drops recommended by the doctor and the massage described. If there is no improvement for up to six months, the canal can be opened by making a catheter under anesthesia.Glaucoma and cataractMany eye diseases seen in adults, although infrequent can be seen in babies. Dr. Akar gives the following information: “Congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma (eye pressure), tumors, such as rarely seen. The white eye of the pupil suggests cataracts, while in glaucoma the eyes of the baby grows. In this case, even though the families think that their babies have big eyes, they notice that the condition is not normal in the following period. Başvur Infants with cataracts also require emergency surgery to avoid the risk of lazy eye.Normal birth and infectionNewborns born with normal birth have a high risk of infection in their eyes and usually receive antibiotic treatment.Stains on the eyelidRed spots are often seen on the eyelids of newborns. The development of these vessels, called hemangioma, is around two years old. When the child reaches the age of seven, 70 percent decline.Although rare, should not be neglectedThese diseases, which can be seen in the first month in newborns, are actually very rare. Glaucoma, 1 to 6 out of 10 thousand babies, cataract 10-15 thousand babies in one, 15 thousand babies in one of the tumor occurs. Organ anomalies in newborns, that is, the development of eyes or less development of the eyes is very rare. 130 thousand premature babies born in 2012, only 10 percent of the disease that requires treatment that says. Dr. Solmaz Balcı Akar, “Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to eliminate the complications that may be caused by these diseases that may affect vision.When is the examination?• Parents need to monitor the baby's eye functions after the first month and make sure that the baby makes eye contact with them. If the baby cannot establish this relationship or if there is a difference in color and shape in the eye, it is important to consult a physician • It is important that premature babies begin routine ophthalmologic examinations one month after birth. It is recommended that a detailed examination be performed after 5 years • Strabismus and visual defects in the eyes of the babies appear as the baby grows after the first month.How is it examined?Ophthalmologic examination of infants is carried out by examining the anterior and posterior eye sections with the help of devices by dilating the pupil.What are the treatment options?According to the diagnosis; drug, laser or surgical treatment. The treatment of tumors is more variable. Treatment methods include radiotherapy or radioactive plaques.


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