Make mothers happy!

Make mothers happy!

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On two of the house's mother's day, they ran to their mothers early in the morning and said, “Mother today is your day, we will prepare breakfast!… 10 minutes past, 20 minutes past, no incoming or outgoing. Surprised, he got up and went to the kitchen. He also saw that two small naughty table set up a nice, they enjoy breakfast. The children shouted in unison when they saw their mother: ”Today we prepared our own breakfast for Mother's Day !!! !!!

If you don't think like this naughty, if you want to do something special on Mother's Day, read our suggestions below and prepare an action plan. Make sure to make plans that will surprise and entertain your spouse / mother this year !!!

What can you do?

• You must absolutely and absolutely prevent him from entering the kitchen or doing any house work. Therefore, if possible, make plans outside the home.

• You can start the day with the idea of ​​brunch so that you have not only created an opportunity to leave the house but also have your spouse / mother confronted with breakfast.

• If there is nothing your spouse / mother has wanted to buy for a long time, be sure to buy gifts that make her feel valuable. Make sure that what you get as a gift is more something that will remain in personal use.

• Develop ideas that can make that day different. Try to do something you can't always do together. For example, if you live in Istanbul, you can take a boat tour in the Bosphorus or go to the islands for accommodation.

• You can write poetry to your mother. Your mother will be very happy for this, because a gift you have prepared with your own labor will make her happier than anything else. Your wife will not say no to a romantic poem 🙂

• Get flowers. She can't bear flowers to women!


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