Don't threaten your child!

Don't threaten your child!

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We all want to raise our children in the best way. But in doing so, we all use different methods. Some of us raise children with strict and distant rules, while others may choose softer and more intimate methods. But all of us aim to raise the child in the best way.

But sometimes when we raise our children we make big mistakes, especially in the 0-6 years of age, which is where development is most valuable, that is, when the foundations of personality development are laid, we can harm them with some behavior. One of the most important mistakes made by parents, especially during the age of 0-6, is to threaten the child. It is the biggest mistake that can be made to try to change the child's behavior through pressure or threat. The child becomes angry, feeling worthless. For some reason, they do not want to sit down with their children, discuss their issues and discuss them, they want to establish a strict and meaningless authority against their children and they want the children to be afraid of them. It should not be forgotten that the child cannot be frightened and threatened; they can be trained with love, understanding and softness.

Young children are open and fit to develop a constant fear of being abandoned and disliked, even if such threats are not made to them. While this anxiety already affects children's thoughts seriously, they are threatened by adults. However, in order for the child to have a healthy self, it is important that he / she feels himself / herself in physical security as well as physically. For this purpose, the family environment created by the mother and father with love, care and care will make the children feel safe.

Here's how to change your behavior…

Behavior you want your child to do

Wrong attitude

The right attitude

Why this behavior is better

Going to bed and not getting up

If you ever get out of bed again, I'il yell at you.

I expect you to stay there after you go to bed, I know you can do it.

It shows to your child that your expectation is very clear and that you are not acting emotionally.

Eating vegetable food from his plate

You can't do anything until everything's over.

I want you to remember we didn't eat after dinner. You can starve.

Indicates that your child is about to close the kitchen and gives him the message that you still have a choice.

Tooth brushing

If you don't brush your teeth, I won't read you lying.

Sleep time. What is the most important thing we should do before going to bed?

Remind your child's routines before bed without being punitive.

Showing positive behavior in the supermarket

Stop running or you can't watch TV when you go home.

Can you help me find the yogurt you like?

You break the negative-oriented behavior of your child and direct him / her in a different direction.

Feeding fish

Feed your fish or I'il throw it away.

Your fish looks hungry. Here's the bait.

Allows you to remind your child of his / her responsibilities.

Wanting something without whining

If you whimper again, I'il take your toy away.

I want to listen to you, but I can't understand you whining.

It gives your child the message that you want to listen to it and makes them understand that the communication problem is caused by their tone and style.

Collecting room

You don't have dinner until you pack your room.

I want to take your toys off the floor and put them in the toy basket. Should we do this before or after dinner?

You offer your child your expectations clearly and clearly, but you give them the chance to choose and develop their decision-making power.

Quiet in the car

If you shout again, we stop going and go home now.

I can't drive under these circumstances. You can start by saying you have to stop the car until you calm down.

This behavior informs your child about the limits, effects and consequences of his or her behavior and causes him to reassess his behavior.

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