Working and life tips for working mothers

Working and life tips for working mothers

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Today, both for economic and social reasons, many women prefer to carry out the identity of both mother and business woman. But it is formed in a corner of the working mother's mind; 'Do I do it right?', 'Should I spend more time with my child?' There is no scientific research to show that the mother's work harms the child, even though the common belief in society is that the woman still has to quit her job or take a break when she has children. Conversely, the working woman becomes a more positive role model for her children, who have a good balance between work and private life.
According to Şirin Hacıömeroğlu Atçeken, an expert psychologist from DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, the quality of the relationship between mother and child is based on the balance of work and life. Çek If you pay attention to the critical points, even if the time spent is limited, you can establish a healthy bond with your child and help him grow up as a healthy individual, At says Atçeken.
Çek At the time you devote to your child, be careful to focus entirely on him and not to deal with other things, At Atçeken said. “Make eye contact with your child as much as possible. It doesn't have to last for hours. You can tell your child that you will play with him for an hour and then do your own job. So you set a healthy limit. Be sensitive to his physical, emotional and psychological needs. Communicate patiently, with care and confidence. If your child is younger than 30 months, try to spend more time with him / her than other caregivers. If possible, adjust your pace accordingly for a few years. Try not to change caregivers too often. Finally, remember that you need to build a good relationship with yourself before you can have a good relationship with your child.. What should be done for a healthy mother-child relationship?
Pointing out that repeating the child's emotions like a mirror strengthens the bonds between mother and child, Atçeken said, “Children learn to express and express their feelings from their parents. Therefore, it is very important to talk to them abundantly. Tell your child what is happening in the neighborhood and answer their questions patiently and in a language that they understand. Do outdoor activities together, even when the weather is closed. Put a limit on your child and say 'no' if necessary. Sometimes you may find it difficult to set limits because of the guilt you feel as a working mother, but remember that this will do more harm to your child..
Atçeken explains that children need rules for healthy development and to feel safe and it is wrong to ignore certain points with guilt. Çek Guilt is one of the most basic feelings of being a mother. Especially nowadays, many mothers are trying to be perfect and to work together. Since this is not a very realistic expectation, he struggles with feelings of frustration, insecurity and guilt. However, many resources and research on raising children now underline the concept of 'sufficiently good mother'. According to this concept, as a mother, it is very important that you have a sense of responsibility and try to do your best for your child. You do not experience stress while fulfilling the necessary responsibilities, and take care of your child in a natural flow, in a peaceful way. ”
Explaining that mothers who constantly raise their children with guilt experience constant stress, Atçeken said, de When you feel guilty, you feel a chronic fatigue and your body reacts to this situation. You may experience conflicts in your relationships with those around you and you may be more insensitive and tense towards your child..
Working mother's relationship with her husbandStating that it is very important for the working woman to get support from her husband, Atçeken said, araştır Research shows that marital satisfaction is much higher when working or housewife women take part in the division of labor with their spouses. Thus, the quality of the relationship between husband and wife increases. It is also very important for the spouses to feed their roles and spend some time alone. Arada
So, what should a working mother pay attention to in order to balance work-life? Here are the recommendations of DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Psychologist Şirin Hacıömeroğlu Atçeken to mothers:
• Set specific time intervals each day and work at those times. If you prefer to work part-time; make this time zone a routine known to everyone. • If possible, create a personal workplace at home. • There must be someone to take care of your child while you work in your room / office. Tell this helper that he shouldn't bother you unless it's an emergency. • In case of emergencies other than work and some non-child related situations, postpone them out of working hours. • If you are working outdoors and full time, be careful not to bring home work as much as possible. Working both at work and at home will cause you to not get enough rest and run out of time.

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