Things to consider when choosing children's shoes

Things to consider when choosing children's shoes

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Good shoes say that the child does not accelerate the development of the foot, but an inappropriate shoe can adversely affect the development of the foot Sema Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Remzi Arif Özerdemoğlu tells how children's shoes should be.

- What should be considered when choosing shoes?

  • Since there may be a difference in length between the feet, both feet should be measured separately and the shoe size should be determined. Both should be dressed and tried to walk a little in the shop to see if the shoe is suitable.
  • Shoes should be comfortable when first worn. The idea that açılır he should wear it a little, he opens it anyway yanl is wrong.
  • The shoe must match the shape of the foot. There should be as much space as a finger width at the end and should be wide enough to prevent the development of the foot.
  • The back of the shoe should fit well and prevent the heel from slipping out during walking.
  • The sole of the shoe must be capable of protecting the foot from injury. It should also support the sole of the foot like a soft cushion.
  • The upper material of the shoe, such as leather, must be flexible and breathable.

- Is it right to put shoes on the toddler?

Dressing shoes for babies and toddlers doesn't help. It is enough to dress socks or soft booties to keep the feet warm. Do not put heavy and bulky shoes on toddlers. Because this type of shoes causes the child to fall more.

- In children, calluses and so on. problems?

Calluses, compression sores and curvatures never occur in a shoe with suitable properties.

- Should orthopedic shoes be worn in childhood?

In Turkey the market "orthopedic shoes" as sold most of the shoe is very stiff and bulky. They are therefore not very comfortable and should only be used when necessary (flatfoot, foot curvature, etc.). You can put any child with the above characteristics on a child who has no obvious problems in his foot.

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