Cesarean section for fear of birth!

Cesarean section for fear of birth!

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Pregnant mother prefers normal birth instead of cesarean section when she is informed correctly and well.

Zonguldak Karaelmas University (ZKU) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Assist. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Basaran, "The mother, the right and well informed, confidence is given, instead of cesarean section prefers normal birth," he said.

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Basaran, said in a statement, pregnant women by cesarean delivery, physicians and people around the orientation, as well as preferring because of fear, he said.

Stating that the birth of a natural event is not possible but pregnancy should not be seen as a disease, Basaran said:

“In general, caesarean section is recommended in cases where normal delivery is impossible or very dangerous to save the life of the mother or the baby, or where normal delivery is not safe. One of the important factors in the fear of normal birth of pregnant women, the lack of knowledge about the subject, negative statements from the environment. The mother prefers normal birth instead of cesarean section when she is informed correctly and well. Normal birth is extremely advantageous and less risky for cesarean section in terms of baby and mother.

Some people have very low pain thresholds. Previous intense pain, intimidates the mothers. They think they'il suffer a lot at birth. However, hormones secreted during childbirth help to feel less pain. ”

Scares birth stories

Basaran, traumatic birth stories heard from relatives since childhood, pregnant women, leading to prejudice against birth, said:

Pains taken for days, internal and external stitches, and subsequent problems are among the reasons for the mother's fear of birth. A man is afraid of what he does not know. Therefore, the first step in coping with the fear of birth is to obtain sufficient information. The way in which information is received from the correct source is also important.

Caesarean section has more abdominal pain, bladder and urinary tract injuries. In addition, the mother's uterine inflammation after cesarean section and some diseases are seen a little more. It is known that babies are born at a slightly lower temperature and require close care and breast-feeding after caesarean section may be delayed due to surgery. ”

Decreased fertility increases cesarean section

Basaran explaining that cesarean delivery is becoming the most applied method, he said:

“One of the important factors in the increase of cesarean section is the decrease in fertility. In developed societies, pregnant women with 1-2 children generally prefer cesarean section. Nowadays, maternal age is progressing. Therefore, we observe the frequency of cesarean section as the incidence of pregnant women aged 35 years and over, which we call advanced maternal age, increases in the society. ”

Source: Milliyet Newspaper

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