How is the right sex education given to children?

How is the right sex education given to children?

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The foundation of sexuality is laid by the education given to the child. Sexuality starts with the process of discovering the child's own body and continues with games. Psychologist Eda Gökduman describes sexual development and sexual education process in children.

Sexuality; A healthy person holds an important place in the profile. The foundation of sexuality is laid by the education given to the child. Sexuality starts with the process of discovering the child's own body and continues with games. Many parents do not know what to do when confronting the child's sexual-evoking behavior and confuse these behaviors with adult sexuality. However, child sexuality is completely different from adult sexuality and is considered a normal process in the development of the child. First thing parents should know about sexual education; to be calm and to accept that this discovery is a natural process.

Sexual discoveries increase with the age of two years. In this period; it starts with the child touching his genitals during the process of nurturing and toilet training and discovering the different emotions he enjoys in these touches. This behavior, which starts at first in games, can be repeated frequently with conscious touches. Trying to prevent this behavior attracts the child's attention more and increases his curiosity. In particular, the stubbornness of the two-year-old child reinforces this behavior. Continuous warnings can cause the child to feel guilty and feel that they have made a mistake. When this behavior was observed to be too much; The presence of some stressful factors in the child may be considered. Although this behavior is considered a natural process, its frequency is important. This behavior is observed more frequently in children who are left alone, bored, unable to find a playmate, constantly blocked, pressured in nutrition - toilet training and inward - looking structure. These reasons should be identified and necessary precautions should be taken by the parents. It is observed that the frequency of these behaviors increases during sleep periods. Therefore, our recommendation; especially during this period, the child is not laid in bed before sleep or until he falls asleep.

Sexual information in the age range of 3-5 years is desired to be learned more by children. Whoever the question is asked must answer. When a girl asks a father a question, yönlendirme Ask your mother. Yönlendirme The child will have a negative impression.

Nasıl How was I born? How do babies come from the world? Why doesn't my friend at school have a cock? Why is he standing in the toilet? ”
These questions should never be left unanswered. The answers should be in a language that the child can understand and appropriate for their age. You can examine the bodies of men and women in child sexual education books together. You can identify the genitals with their scientific names. If you are surprised with the question, do not feel it if you do not know how to answer it. Keep in mind that it follows your every reaction. You will learn that sexuality is a normal process with your natural behavior and comfortable explanations. You can see that they are trying to recognize each other's sexual organs in their games with friends. Don't be surprised by the behaviors of husband and wife, lovers, kissing and so on. You should not react to these games by being angry and shame. Explain to him calmly how to play with his friend.

You can tell that it is natural for him to wonder about things, that his friend and his genitals are special to him, that only his doctor and his parents can touch when it hurts. Giving examples from yourself can ease her.
Curiosity about the parent's genitals and sexual life may also begin. When the father goes to the toilet, the mother may try to secretly watch them while taking a bath. Here, instead of giving information about sex life, it would be useful to state that it is special for parents. Detailed information can confuse a child of this age. In order to avoid such questions, it is necessary to prevent parents or older siblings from walking around the house naked, not taking a bath together and sleeping in the same bed. Therefore, we emphasize the drawbacks of sleeping with many families. With bed meetings in the morning, you can satisfy your longing for bed.

If the child sees the mother or father naked incidentally, it should not be avoided immediately and calmly covered, it should be mentioned that the body of the man or woman may change as it grows. Parents should give importance to privacy in their sexual life. A child who witnesses sexual activity will not perceive this process mentally, but will also experience anxiety. It is also necessary to pay attention to efforts such as constant avoidance and hiding. These behaviors may increase the curiosity of the child more. There is no harm in carrying out behaviors like hugging and kissing each other. This is a behavior that only shows that the parents love each other and will affect the child's emotional development positively.
Communication between the child and the family is very important. A healthy sexual education can be provided through a healthy communication. Sexual education; it should be given by the parent in accordance with all ages. Children who are not given enough information in time can try to satisfy their curiosity in different ways - hidden and dangerous. This leads to false learning. A healthy sexual development during childhood will form the basis of sexuality during adolescence and adulthood. Sexual development during adolescence is much more difficult with the presence of the changing body. Sexual information before puberty is also very important for the child in the growth process.

If you feel that you feel inadequate during the sexual education process you give your child and you do not know what to do, you can get an expert counseling.


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